*Event Calendar
Especially useful for membership-based websites, the Event Calendar Module makes it easy to create and manage interactive event calendars for your website. When used in conjunction with the Site Security feature, you can specify the extent to which users can view and/or edit public calendars and events.

Searchable event calendars keep everyone up-to-date
- Create unlimited searchable event calendars, organized into categories
- Allow site visitors to submit events to calendars they have access to
- Allow registered Secure Users to create and maintain private event calendars
- Describe events with titles, short descriptions, and detail pages
- Create individual and recurring events
- Include site pages, Shopping Cart items, Event Calendars, and Web Blogs eNewsletter campaigns
- Unsubscribe email addresses manually or automatically

*Only available on SOHO Pro R109p/m and SOHO Pro Full R130p/m packages