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eDisc Exclusive Website Builder Information

With our Exclusive Website Builder you'll have the ability to easily create, update, manage your own website. The look and feel of a website can be customized with pre-installed templates or custom built templates (easy to build). Easy Drag-and-Drop Interface. Auto-Menu system (menus gets created with each page you create). Easy building of a photo gallery, add an event calender, send newsletter etc. NO HTML KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!! We can't stress this enough. If you can type and click, you can build your website!

From professional design schemes to eCommerce, eDisc Website Builder gives small businesses the power to build an informative, attractive web presence that they can update and maintain in-house, without contracting outside developers.

From feature-packed marketing websites to robust eCommerce applications, eDisc Website Builder vastly simplifies the creation and management of advanced internet solutions. Extremely easy to use, yet rich in features and functionality, it empowers novices and seasoned developers alike with a streamlined development process unmatched by any other product.
Developer Benefits
eDisc Website Builder is packed with features that take the coding out of web programming. With it, the time required to develop complex web sites and web applications can be reduced from weeks to days or even from days to hours.

Offer your clients unprecedented control over their website’s content area through eDisc Website Builder’s user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that you can “develop” within minutes, not months.

Dramatically Reduced Development Time
The eDisc Website Builder SMT streamlines your web development process by eliminating inefficient programming tasks and simplifying complex operations, without limiting creativity or flexibility.

eDisc Website Builder harnesses the power of MySQL database tables to create dynamic, database-driven websites that minimize repetitive work while maximizing efficiency and reliability.

End User Benefits

Build and manage your website through a wonderfully intuitive interface that the novice can master quickly, and the master can use efficiently.

Browser-Based Operation
The eDisc Website Builder SMT operates entirely through the internet, so you can manage your website from any computer, from anywhere in the world -- all you need is an internet connection!

We offer three packages that includes the Website Builder.